We have now reached the last step of the neurological levels pyramid. We began with external factors like environment and behaviours and followed up going higher with deeper and deeper, internal levels such as identity. We are now opening up again towards the external world with our purpose.

You know, this is the why I do what I do. The kind of things that drive you, make you get out of bed eagerly every morning. Your inner drive and motivation. How you want to help the world.

Now, you would think that this is highly personal, something that is you, even more than your identity. But is it really? Where does your purpose come from?

First, think of your purpose. Not that easy. I know there are things I want to do and be but I do not feel I have a higher purpose in the sense of what I am on Earth to do. The best I have come up with is that I want to help the world understand each other.

Where might your purpose come from? It is not unusual that we have been inspired by somebody, on social media, a book we read or wherever it was. What are the chances that whoever that person was, it was from amongst your own cultural group? There are very few people whose message has transcended cultures and who are recognised and acknowledged worldwide.

Furthermore, our purpose is the meaning we put on our beliefs, values and identity. How we transcend them to a higher level. We have seen that they are in a very big part the result of our culture, hence our purpose too.

It means that when you change culture, you go live in a different country, even your purpose will be shaken and at odd with the new culture. Imagine what kind of deep crisis this can trigger when you feel that you cannot fulfil your purpose! Whatever you change in the levels below that highest level, the feelings will not disappear. For this to happen, you need to work on your purpose. I do not mean here to change your purpose because you are in a different culture. Do not ditch who are and what you want to do and why. But you need to grow this purpose, understand how the new culture you live in can help you become a richer person with an even more fulfilling purpose.

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