Coaching Vision – Illuminating Project Communication

I help project managers struggling with new roles and responsibilities to deliver projects smoothly and with fewer conflicts by improving their communication.

The Coaching Vision difference

A unique experience

A qualified project and programme manager with international experience and knowing how to communicate to diverse audiences

Tailored to your needs

Because we do not begin at the same point and have different goals, my services are adapted to your specific communication objectives 

The difference

Projects running smoothly, better relationships with your team and other stakeholders, less stress and pressure, more recognition 

My mission

To make project management hassle-free and enjoyable for project managers and all of their stakeholders. 

By working with Coaching Vision, project managers learn to communicate efficiently with their stakeholders so that everyone understands their involvement in the project while feeling like valued contributors, resulting in smoother project execution

Coaching Vision combines communication and project management principles to help project managers to decrease or remove the stress associated with leading diverse teams in large projects. 

How I help you achieve your goals

What some of my clients have said

Nadège set out a collaborative atmosphere. She was always insightful, as if it were part of a magical key combination to unlock my potential.  Dr Joanna Stephens, University of Dundee

I think that Nadège got the balance absolutely right. I can’t think that I would want any less of anything. Everything was right. Gail Davidson, Project Manager