A diverse experience: A career spent in Higher Education and international research institutes from researcher in Biology to project and programme management, and now I am a coach and trainer. I lived in five countries. This diversity has brought me open-mindedness, flexibility and the ability to think from many different perspectives.

I am grounded on deep drivers: my eagerness to grow, learn and develop and my love of nature.

I work best with curious of the world or educated people who want to live their life fully in a complex, ever-changing and diverse world. With coaching and training, I found the activities that resonate with me and how I want to be with others. I help my clients to find a sense of direction and clarity to reach what they really want and who they want to be.

What I offer to you

I am here to guide and support you and your organisation to the future you want. I will accompany each of your steps on your way to reach your goals and find the solutions you want to put in place for you and your organisation.

I offer you the benefits I can bring you via online material/courses. You can go through them at your own pace and convenience. Online yes, alone no. I am not leaving you with the content and you can supplement it as and when with direct contact with me by email, inside the course and in face-to-face discussion/coaching.

Alternatively, you can choose to reap the full benefit of an open coaching relationship with one of my coaching formulas.


Coaching is a non-directive, mostly questioning process that will allow you to see things in a different perspective and find new solutions and awareness. Coaching is the What? Why? When? With whom? of your life.


Training is the How to? Training gives you new skills in specific domains to increase your performance.