A diverse experience: After getting my PhD in Biology, I spent my career in Higher Education and international research institutes from researcher to project and programme management. I lived in five countries. Now I am a coach and trainer. This diversity has brought me open-mindedness, flexibility and the ability to think from many different perspectives. I bring this experience and knowledge in my work.

I am grounded on deep drivers: my eagerness to grow, learn and develop and my love of nature. With coaching and training, I found the activities that resonate with me and how I want to be with others.

I work with small to medium size, growing companies. I guess that as former scientist, I am particularly interested in helping biotech and related companies and the education sector. I help my clients to improve their organisation performance by understanding and leveraging their cultural diversity. I help them transform this diversity from a break to a driver for growth and performance.

What I offer to you

I am here to guide and support you and your organisation to the future you want. I will accompany each of your steps on your way to reach your goals and find the solutions you want to put in place for you and your organisation.

Why I do what I do

  • I believe the best is in each of us.
  • I believe the world is a richer place when we open up to others’ ideas.
  • I believe communication is to bring people together to make the world better