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Team Communication

Team communication workshop

I offer a one-day workshop to delve into team dynamics, creating common ground for communication, effective group communication and communication styles. 

Strategic Project Communication: Engaging Audiences, Preserving Delivery 

I know, often you wish interactions between team members were different, that it would be smoother, more efficient, less confrontational: more like a team than a bunch of individuals. 

Let’s sit together to assess where your team is in terms of communication. Where the blockages to remove and the positives to leverage are.

We will design ways of making your team communication richer, more fulfilling for all team members. A team people want to belong to and that will be the role model for project communication in your organisation.

How we achieve this? An analysis of and report on your situation, a series of workshops tailored to your circumstances and your goals, an action plan and follow up. We will make the actions and plan future-proof because we know that team members change and that teams are different for each new project.

Guest speaking

Want an insight into improving project communication in your organisation? Then, I can give a one-off talk.

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