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Individual Communication

Project Management Communication Group Programme 

A brand-new programme that will launch early 2024. 

Aimed at project managers wanting to communicate efficiently and deliver their projects more successfully. It will be a 10-week programme during which we will cover together topics such as 

More soon!

Individual 12-week Project Communication Mastery

If you want a VIP treatment, then let’s go on a journey looking at different areas of project communication, to master each of them, one by one. Particularly suited for project managers managing international or remote project teams. 

Online courses

Below are listed my courses hosted on external platforms. See the page “courses” for my online courses available from this site.

SLVC Academy online courses

As part of SLVC Academy, we are offering a wide range of self-development courses. My own course is about becoming more culturally competent. It will be launched in the first half of this year. £295

Time management online course

If you are looking for an in-depth time management course that will make a difference to how you use your time and manage your life in general. Life-time access. 3.5 hrs of videos and 51 resources.

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