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Is this you?

  • Are you an expat or organisation wanting to take advantage of the cultural diversity at hand to improve performance?
  • Are you working and living in a place different from where you grew up? Have you joined a new workplace for instance and cannot fully understand how it operates? Are you feeling confused, stressed because of it? Do you think you are underperforming in your work and life because of it?
  • Then, you are experiencing culture shock and culture stress. Our cultural environment shapes the way we think, see the world and interact with others. It gears us towards performing in a familiar environment. Unfortunately, it can all go wrong when confronted with novelty.

I can help.

I deliver tailored coaching, helping you understand your and others’ cultural preferences and bridge the gaps between them to allow you to perform just “like back at home” in new environments. I will help you communicate better with people, wherever and whoever they are. I work online so it does not matter where you are in the world.

The results for you

You will overcome the stress you are experiencing. You will have better personal and professional relationships. You will be more efficient, effective, perform better. You will feel secure in any environment with your new knowledge and awareness.

Why I do what I do

  • I believe the best is in each of us.
  • I believe the world is a richer place when we open up to others’ ideas.
  • I believe communication is to bring people together to make the world better.

Coaching and training topics

  • Navigating cultural differences
  • Public speaking and communication
  • Time management
  • Organisation and planning

Nadège set out a collaborative atmosphere. She was always insightful, as if it were part of a magical key combination to unlock my potential.  Dr Joanna Stephens, University of Dundee

I think that Nadège got the balance absolutely right. I can’t think that I would want any less of anything. Everything was right. Gail Davidson, Project Manager

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