Get your message across – It is all about communication! 

Projects are run by people, for people. Good communication is the key to successful project delivery.

As a project manager, you are at the forefront of all communication around your project.

  • People in your project team often do not deliver what they are expected to.
  • A lot of time is wasted on providing several times the same information, chasing people and information, having to redo things.
  • Your meetings don’t achieve much.
  • Your stakeholders do not buy into the project outcome. 
  • Projects are not delivered on time and on budget. 

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, then I can help. 

Welcome to Coaching Vision

I am Nadège Minois, a consultant, coach and trainer in project communication. More on me in the About section. 

What differentiates me from the countless consultants in communication? Diversity in Communication: to deliver the same meaning to different audiences, you need to adapt your message to each. With the variety of stakeholders often found in a project environment, this focus on diversity is particularly crucial.

And this is what I help you with: Getting your message across to your various stakeholders, each time 

How I help.

I design with you your future project communication whether at individual or team level. See the Services section for more. 

What’s in it for you

Smoother interactions between project team members, stakeholders buy-in, project delivery to expectations, streamlined and efficient reporting and hierarchy of project communication.

Want it? Let’s speak!

Nadège set out a collaborative atmosphere. She was always insightful, as if it were part of a magical key combination to unlock my potential.  Dr Joanna Stephens, University of Dundee

I think that Nadège got the balance absolutely right. I can’t think that I would want any less of anything. Everything was right. Gail Davidson, Project Manager