Welcome to Coaching Vision

Where you want to be if you want to become more inclusive

Are you the business owner of or a leader in a small to medium size company?

Is your business growing and its staff, customers, collaborators diversifying?

Do you want to expand into new markets?

Is this growing diversity hindering your organisation performance instead of fuelling it? Do you feel that diversity has brought increased misunderstandings, lower productivity and less efficient working together?

Then, it is that you need to harness this diversity to your advantage. Diversity is a strength and as any strength, it needs to be channelled to bring positive results. And it is where I can help.

How I help.

I deliver tailored training and coaching for your organisation. I will help you and your staff communicate and interact better with people from various cultural backgrounds, wherever and whoever they are. I will help your organisation design and embed new strategies and ways of working to embrace diversity.

The results for your organisation

  • An inclusive culture
  • Better team work and understanding between members
  • Fewer deadlines missed and more efficient work
  • Better staff satisfaction and retention
  • Better relationships with suppliers, partners, collaborators…
  • Higher customer conversion rate

Let’s build something together.

Nadège set out a collaborative atmosphere. She was always insightful, as if it were part of a magical key combination to unlock my potential.  Dr Joanna Stephens, University of Dundee

I think that Nadège got the balance absolutely right. I can’t think that I would want any less of anything. Everything was right. Gail Davidson, Project Manager