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I am grounded on deep drivers: my eagerness to grow, learn and develop and my love of nature. It is these drivers that first led me to pursue formal education to the highest degree achievable, getting a PhD, and doing this in Biology. 

A diverse experience: After getting my PhD, I worked for 15 years in Higher Education and international research institutes doing research and teaching. I enjoyed the management of research and then decided to switch to project and programme management, getting qualifications and several years of experience in both. It was great but I missed teaching. So, I always enjoyed running workshops and training with the various stakeholders in my project work. I gained all this experience in 5 countries. I am now back in France, my country of birth after more than two decades of international experience in the USA and Europe.

What about communication? Well, through my diverse experience, I have learned to adapt my messages to my audiences, be it a one-to-one conversation or presenting to hundreds of people at international conferences. After each presentation, workshop, training, many people come to congratulate me on the quality and clarity of my delivery. In my project work, people were leaving each meeting I was in charge of with clarity on the objectives, processes and ways forward. 

Coming full circle: I brought together my experience and knowledge of communication to diverse audiences and project management to become a consultant, trainer and coach in project communication. Because I have seen in my project and programme management positions how easily communication can go astray. How it easily leads to important negative consequences for project and programme delivery. And I have seen the positive results when I implemented better communication as a project manager. 

Why I do what I do

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