It can be daunting to end a coaching relationship, especially if you have had a significant number of sessions with your coach. Your coach has been there as a kind of safety net, keeping you on the right track. It will be normal to be nervous about what will come next.

However, during the coaching you will have learned many things. You will have now a much increased awareness of what you want, who you are, what are your strengths, blind spots.

You will have learned that you can achieve because you should have already achieved a lot with the coaching you had.

Lastly, the coaching has allowed you to build your confidence. Take that new found confidence, nurture it and be aware of it when you tackle, on your own, your next goal.

You should by now be your own coach. The questioning and tools your coach has used and that you have learned are there for you to use anytime. Are you ready? Go ahead, make the life you want to have. You have your support network, as mentioned in a previous post and if you get stuck, your coach is there for a helping hand. But try yourself first, don’t become dependent on a coach, even on the best one in the world.

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