At the end of each coaching session, you should now have your action plan: What you will do, when, where, with whom until the next session. .

Do you usually have what you will do to celebrate your accomplishments? Most of the time, no.

It is a crucial part of reaching your goals. Yes of course you have your ultimate coaching goal but there will be many things you will achieve on the way that will take you closer to your final goal.

It is accomplishing these tasks and actions that you need to celebrate. Your coach should be congratulating you each time you have achieved an action, acknowledging the effort it took and your commitment and discipline to achieve.

In a previous post I discussed about your support network, family, friends and colleagues who are here to support you and lend you their ear. They are also here to celebrate with you.. Let them know of your successes and welcome their encouragement.

So, go on, give you a pat on the back, be proud.

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