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Your coaching journey: Options and actions

I talked in previous posts about being in control of your goals and objectives. It means you are the only one who can fully make them happen.

The responsibility is on you. It may feel daunting and scary and your coach is here to support you on your travel towards your goals.

However, be aware that most of the work towards your goals is actually done outside the coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions, your coach will help you identify your options towards your goals and encourage you to be as open minded as you possibly can.

Look for options everywhere, in all areas of your life. Write them all down, however fanciful they may seem at first. The next step will be to analyse these options:

The next step is to turn your options into actions:

Once you have your actions designed and all planned, you can go out of the coaching session, back into your daily life and complete your actions. Your coach is here to celebrate your success with you and help you when you hit problems to complete your actions.

Come on, go do it now. You can.

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