In a previous post I discussed that to achieve your goal, it needs to be in your control. The less in control of your goal you are, the lower the probability of achieving it.

To embark on a goal, your coach will help you ensure you can have the resources you need.

There are four main types of resources you will need.

  • Resources you buy: these are the material stuff and the services you can get. For instance, if your goal is to exercise more, resources can be a subscription to a gym or buying an exercise bike to exercise at home. It could also be getting the services of a personal trainer. Your coach is a resource falling in this category too. You will need to make a list of all the resources of this type you need and decide how to get them.
  • People you need something from: these are the trickiest. They are the ones who could derail you on your way to achieving your goal. The more you rely on this type of resource, the less in control of your goal you are. For each person or group you need an involvement from, your coach will help you defining a strategy. Your approach will be different whether you need help from a family member, a friend, an employee or your boss. Part of the strategy will always be to discuss with these people to explain your goal, how they can help and also how achieving your goal will make things better for them too.
  • Your support network: even if you don’t need anybody else to achieve your goal, it will be easier to keep motivated and reach your goal if you are supported by others. These are the friends,family members who don’t have to do something for you but will be there for you. They are here to lend you an ear or a helping hand when needed, to support you in rough times, to give you pat on the back and celebrate your successes with you.
  • Your skills and experience: these are the skills you acquired, your strengths,your experience,the things you have tried and you know work. It is what people appreciate you for. You have them. Look for them in all the areas of your life. Some of these have been or will be covered in other posts.

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