Are you getting fed up working on problem after problem?

Doesn’t it feel that it is always the same problems coming back?

Well, all it requires is a shift in perspective. If you try to solve problems, what are you focusing on? Yes, the problems!

So, you think about what went wrong, what is bad, maybe you begin to blame, yourself or others. The trouble is that all is geared up towards thinking negatively. You go round and round in circles because the thinking that generated the problem will not solve it. Understanding the problem in detail will not give you cues how to solve it either.

So, what do you do? Forget about the problem. Seek solutions.

Think of occurrences when it does not happen. What is different then? What is already working, even a little bit? Then build on this to take action, to do more of what works, assess the results and next actions. Celebrate success.

So when will you begin to enjoy a problem-free, solution-full life?

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